What, When and How

Usually, I’m based in Milan.
Although i work online too.

Ask me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to understand which type of practice has the right fit.

Please do not keep out pathologies or traumas of any kind during the consultation; even if you believe it is not useful info, or it is superfluous, maybe it is so tell me everything.
The first practice is paid in advance via paypal or bank transfer.

Collective practice

There’s two slots available at the moment: tuesday and thursday evening (7:15pm ca); both 90’ long, with different focuses and both including asanas, meditation and some pranayama techniques. The location may vary, while online remains a solid option. I tend to work in Milan. Full address of the location available by mail.

Face-to-face collective practice

Drop in / one-time 13€
Monthly ticket once a week 4 classes in 5 weeks 40€
Monthly ticket twice a week 8 classes in 5 weeks 72€
Ticket 5 classes in 10 weeks 55€

Online collective practice (only for those who have already practiced yoga)

Drop in / one-time 10€
Monthly ticket once a week 4 classes in 5 weeks 30€
Monthly ticket twice a week 8 classes in 5 weeks 55€
Ticket 5 classes in 10 weeks 45€

Private practices 1:1 or 2:1

Private practices are what I love most, because they touch the sphere of therapy: physical, mental and emotional; they are very flexible and as I said they are custom made.

The duration ranges from 60 'to 120' per session, depending on economic possibilities and needs, and they too are different combinations of asanas, pranayama and meditation.

As for depth, effectiveness and learning, I can say that one private practice equals to four group practices, so it is a very good long-term investment.

The price for the individual sessions ranges from € 30 to € 50 per hour (60 '), to be discussed together based on the economic possibilities of the practitioner.

Single practice 60' 40€/50€/60€
Ticket 4 60' practices (in 4 weeks) 145€/180€/220€
Ticket 8 60' practices (in 8 weeks) 275€/345€/420€

Alongside the individual weekly practice, I offer an extra service of creating a routine to practice alone during the week.

The routine’ creation is an extra service that includes a technical graphic sheet or a short video, built ad hoc considering the person’s needs and objectives, to help constance in the daily practice, which in yoga is 100% the magical tool for obtaining any result.

The service must be combined with the practice in presence, and therefore requires at least biweekly reviews for alignments and adjustments, which can possibly become more seldom with the passing of time and the assimilation of the routine.

This service has two costs: 30€ graphics card, or 50€ to get the video; both in digital download.

Decontracting massage

The decontracting massage is focused on a specific area a time, and lasts 30‘. It has a 30€ fee. More info by mail.

Sporadic things

I often organize workshops and seminars with limited or defined duration. If you want to make sure to get updates join my newsletter