My origins

I have been practicing Hatha for something like ten years already; my journey started in Milano in 2012 through the guidance of the Italian department of Yoga Niketan (Rishikesh, India). During the Milanese years I could practice with great constance, then I left the country and my routine was on & off for a while, until I got back into that thanks and because of a stressful situation, that was equally involving my mental & physical balance. I have had some accidents in my life, as the majority of the people out there, that have left traumas that come and go, that get better and worse at times.

In 2017/18 my traumas had become unsustainable, so loud that they were inflaming my already very precarious mental situation: I will call this somatopsychic, or when a physical trauma hurts and reverbs on the psychic realm. I therefore got back into a daily routine , trying my best to keep constance, by myself but with all my mentors voices in my head; and something clicked: from the gross body awareness I could travel into the mental body awareness, and I found in it my therapy form; and I also understood that many people could value as much as me this magical, both preventive and curative medicine.

I thus decided to share my new awareness and further develop my knowledge by attending, in 2019, a 200h YTTC in Rishikesh at Swasti Yoga Shala, with mentor and master Surinder Singh (where I obtained an International Yoga Alliance diploma); and it was during this experience that I perceived the third click: the mental level upgraded and opened up the space for a spiritual journey, I gained awareness on my Yogic practice’ effects on the emotional substratus.

So far I accumulated many years of teaching and upgraded my studies with a series of courses, workshops and masterclasses with specific focuses such as Yoganidra, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Foundations, Alignment, Pranayama & Meditation (all coming with certificate). I consider myself an endless researcher and student, therefore I got curious regarding the action on body, mind and soul of massages and manipulations. I have started a new path of study, and I’m now learning decontracting techniques.